Monday, April 18, 2016


i woke up today to a text from my sister, b. she said that the first thing she did this morning was kneel down and pray, thanking Heavenly Father for me, my life, and that i am her sister.

i was touched and awakened by that. why had i never thought to thank my Heavenly Father for my life on my birthday? so i too knelt down and thanked my Father in Heaven for preserving my life, for my health, for my happiness, for my body and mind. it was such an amazing experience to express gratitude for my life. i have often taken my life for granted - even hating it at times. but today - today - i was grateful for it. grateful that i'm here to watch my nieces and nephews grow up - here to make a difference in family's, friend's and stranger's lives - here to laugh - here to grow, learn, and come closer to God. 

walking the path God has put me on has not been // is not easy. but, finally, i can say that i'm grateful for it. i'm grateful for the rocks, dips, twists, bridges, and benches along my path. as hard as it has been to walk, it is beautiful. and because of it i have learned skills that have made me MINDFUL of the good. now i know pain will not last forever. there is relief from suffering. it comes. and when it comes i can see it now. my life is beautiful - i see the beauty. i don't always like my walk, but i have accepted that it's mine to walk.

this year holds hope and promise.

Happy Day to Me!