Sunday, November 2, 2014

a phone call to heaven

**ring ring** **ring ring** **ring ring**


hi, mamaw, it's me, rachel.

hi, rachel! how are you, sweetheart?

ah, mamaw, i'm not so good today. i really miss you and i just needed to hear your voice.

tell me, what's going on?

mamaw, i've been having more seizures and i can't figure out why. i feel tired and drowsy all the time. having seizures is such a lonely and isolating feeling.

you know i'm praying for you, right? 

yes and i'm so grateful for that. i can feel the difference it makes in my life.

what can i do for you?

i don't know, mamaw. i wish you were here. i wish i could come visit you.

i wish you could too. you know i try to come visit you as much as i can in your dreams. i came just a few weeks ago and we talked about your life. you were doing better then. 

ya, i remember. you should come see me again. i miss your beautiful face and loving hands. i miss rocking on the front porch swing with you and sitting by your reclining chair inside. i miss going to the dirt races with you.

i miss doing those things with you too. you know i'm ok, right?

i know.

i'm safe and happy and watch over you each day. i love you so much. 

i love you too, mamaw. thanks for talking with me. bye.

bye, rachel.

**dial tone**

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