Thursday, October 9, 2014

time keeps on slippin' away

how can it be almost 2 weeks since i last wrote?? my poor, neglected blog! i've missed it. seeing the home page is like coming home for me. it's such a comforting sight. in so many ways it's my baby. my hopes, dreams, fears, and secrets are on here for the world to see i suppose.

so much has happened in the past 2 weeks!

did i tell you that in august i welcomed my nephew, c, into my world of what was once only nieces?? here is a picture of me and him :)

 and then a week ago i welcomed nephew 2, i, into my world of nieces and now nephews! i couldn't be happier!

their moms are some of my closest friends and they have adopted me into their lives as "auntie rachel" and i love my role as auntie. these four beauties have made my life so grand since their entrance into it. i love them with all my heart and cherish each laugh, snuggle, word, and i love you. they are so much of my "life worth living."

i visited a very dear friend of mine today, a, who i had not seen in - gasp - 3 YEARS!! how time had slipped away i still cannot grasp. but we were so happy to see each other. she is a doll and i told her now we're really old being 25 and all ;)

some things that have been on my mind : s told me this a while ago and i wanted to share it with you.

3 things i cannot change : the past - the truth - and you.

that is wisdom. the past has been done. the truth has been said. and you have made your choices. 

in group therapy we have been learning about a metaphor for emotions. i am like a tall, sturdy tree with deep roots. emotions are the wind that run through my leaves and branches. i must let the wind (emotions) run through my branches and leaves while remaining steady (using skills and letting the emotions rise and fall in my body, not adding to them or taking away from them) and soon the wind will die down and pass (eventually emotions fade and leave me). it's really helped me to picture my emotions like this - not having control over me, but rather me having control over them.

below is a dbt meditation - called the loving kindness meditation - that susan has done with me in individual sessions and in group. it has helped me a lot when i'm in distress and is a beautiful reminder of how we can bring peace and harmony to our lives. try saying these words, one line at a time, while you breathe - therapeutically - in and out. 

loving kindness meditation

may i be peaceful
may i be happy
may i be free from inner and outer harm
may i live my life with ease
may i come to know freedom from suffering
may i care for myself with joy

s sent me this amazing TED talk on how to make changes in your life, starting with 'tiny habits.' i don't know about you but i can certainly do tiny things in my life :) it's brilliant and worth 17 minutes of your time. it's here.

and finally, s sent me this picture today, saying one of her patients drew it and s named it "princess rachel." i love it :)

happy friday eve!

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