Saturday, September 20, 2014


this is a post i feel needs to be talked about and one i want to share with my readers.

after 4 years i feel like i'm on a regular routine of meds and it doesn't change every time i go to visit a dr. there are adjustments as i keep living my life and problems come up that need to be solved, but for the most part my daily routine is the same.

i must admit, sometimes i feel shame when i print out a page of meds to bring to a dr appt. for crying out loud i'm not an old lady! but i do have several different medical things that are being treated and i have chosen to treat them with prescription drugs.

i understand in writing this that not everyone chooses to go down the prescription drug path. to each his/her own journey. for me it has been medically necessary to control my seizures and depression/help with the suicide thoughts and my anxiety was at a level where i did not feel capable or comfortable handling it on my own. i respect your decision to not use prescription drugs and i know you'll respect mine to use them. they have given me the boost i have needed to begin the recovery process and have a clear mind to work with.

with all of that said, here's what i take daily to manage my seizures, depression, anxiety, pcos and miscellaneous :)

ready - set - go!

for seizures i take 200mg of topomax in the morning and at night. this also helps with mood stabilization (aka depression). for depression i take 100mg of pristiq in the morning (i love this one and really feel it has changed my life - it's expensive - but my parents are amazing and pay for it and i feel it has helped me so much) and 15mg of deplin (which is also expensive and not covered by insurance because it is seen as a 'vitamin' but i have to have a prescription for it and get it from a special pharmacy - again, my incredible parents pay for it). for anxiety i'm on good ol' xanax - 1mg in the morning and 1mg at night. i have been having panic attacks and nightmares at night so we are trying me on trazadone 50mg at night to see if that helps. i also take melatonin at night for sleep. for pcos i take over the counter pregnitude twice a day and spironolactone and minocycline for the acne that comes with pcos (fun fun). a week ago i was on birth control for pcos but ended up having a severe reaction to it, so i'm waiting until i see an endocrinologist in november before proceeding with anymore hormone changes. i have acid reflux and slow gut so i take 40mg of nexium and reglan to help with those. and finally to balance me out i take a multi vitamin, fish oil, and vitamin d - the last two as prescribed by a dr.

as my mom says, i'm a medical miracle - lol ;)

my parents really are amazing. they pay for my insurance, dr appts each week, and prescriptions. i help out when i can, but it's not often. i've told them many times i can only hope to 'pay it forward' in my life, all they've done for me, because i can never repay them.

i am so grateful for these meds. they have improved my life so much. i am able to function without having a seizure every 20 minutes. i can work through panic attacks with the help of meds and skills instead of being a prisoner to them. i no longer sleep for days and weeks on end because i feel so depressed and see only gray. i am grateful for wise drs who have listened to me and have responded to my needs and have figured me out.

i never thought i would have the numbers to a psychiatrist, neurologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, obgyn, primary care, and gastroenterologist in my phone - but i'm really grateful i do because it means i'm getting the help i need.

i'm the best me - and you are the best you.


  1. I take metformin for my pcos also.... but I've never heard of it working for sleep. I have a prescription for lexapro and blood pressure medicine, and trazadone for sleep, but I haven't taken that one yet.

    1. I didn't know you have pcos, too - it's always nice to know another person with it. I feel like I have another team member. I tried metformin but was very sick with it so that's why I take pregnitude instead. I actually take melatonin for sleep cause ya I don't think metformin helps with sleep lol :) Trazadone works - but warning it knocked me OUT from midnight to 3:30 PM the first time I took it so I had to cut it in half and then I went back to having nightmares - so it may be I need to adjust to it or it may not be the right med for me. Always good to hear from you!! xo