Friday, August 22, 2014

counting the positives

this week in group therapy we got a homework assignment to 'count the positive' things that happen in our lives each day for the next week. at first i was overwhelmed by the assignment, thinking i wouldn't be able to keep the number in my head, and then i decided it wouldn't be too bad since i probably wouldn't get more than 10 positive things a day.

susan gave us examples of things to count such as, "the dog didn't have an accident by the front door; that stranger held the door open for me; the shoes i wanted to wear were in my closet; the shirt i wanted to wear was clean; a co-worker cleaned out the coffee maker" etc and we all started laughing at how little these things seemed - and then complaining "we have to count EVERY LITTLE POSITIVE THING that happens to us??!!" yep!

for whatever reason - maybe some biological (survival), maybe some environmental (we were taught it) - we tend to focus on the negative things that happen during our day and that's the only thing we can see. it completely clouds the positive things - and at least for me - consumes our/my thoughts. focusing on the positive reminds us that good things frequently happen throughout our days if only we will tune in to them.

so today i counted and my grand total came to 27 positive things and my negative things came to 2! can you believe that?! look at what a HUGE difference that is! i really felt the negative emotions of those two things, but when i was in the middle of those situations, i reminded myself of what my homework was and started reflecting on what some of the positive things were that had happened to me that day were. here are some of them :

1 - i drove past 3 accidents - none of which i was in.
2 - i got a free mailing envelope at wal-mart after pointing out the mistake to the cashier and he thanked me for my honesty.
3 - i played 'mannequins' with some of the girls i nanny and brought joy and smiles to other shoppers' faces!
4 - i mailed gifts to my aunt, grandpa and cousin.
5 - i talked to my counselor and got some phone coaching from her tonight.
6 - i bought darling picture frames and they were one sale!
7 - i got up on time to take family pictures and got to wear my owl scarf.
8 - i ordered my favorite lemon water from sonic.
9 - i was paid today :)
10 - i ate out with my family.

these are just 10 of the 27 positive things that happened to me today! can you believe that 17 more great things happened?? in just one day! doesn't mean i didn't have rough moments - because i spent 2-3 hours using a lot of skills dealing with the negative situations that came up. but look at all the positives :) sure, i remember the negatives - well, at least one of them - but it's not what is stuck in my memory. the positives are.

so my invitation to you, dear reader, is to JOIN ME! count the positives in your day with me! come on, let's do this together :) write it down on a post-it note each night and next friday i think you'll be amazed to find how many positive things have happened during your week.

happy counting!

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