Wednesday, July 23, 2014

my darling and adorable aunt e!

god has blessed me with some incredible people along my journey throughout my whole life, but in particular these past almost four years as i have struggled with depressive episodes, anxiety, seizures, and pcos. one of my greatest supporters and cheerleaders has been and continues to be my aunt e.

she is incredible. if every person had just a fraction of the kindness and compassion she has, the world would be a gentler place to live in. years ago, she started sending me cards just because she loves me. cards to cheer me up, pick me up, lift me up. and each time they would arrive at the perfect moment. it would be a breath of fresh air, a hug in an envelope. i knew she was thinking of me, praying for me, and encouraging me from miles away.

she has one of the sweetest voices you will ever hear. it is soft and gentle with a slight kentucky accent :) she is always the first person to volunteer to help out at her church or to help someone in need. aunt e does things all the time without anyone knowing. it is just the type of person she is. she spends lots of time with her grandkids, making memories with them and being the kind of grandma they will love forever.

she reminds me so much of mamaw : sweet, gentle, loving, kind, compassionate, decent, funny, understanding. i think mamaw knew i couldn't make it through the rest of my life without her (mamaw) so she sent in her best likeness, her daughter, aunt e! with so many characteristics of mamaw i often think aunt e is my guardian angel and look to her as my aunt, godmother, friend, and "mamaw."

my life has been so richly blessed because of aunt e. she always comments on my blog posts, saying how applicable they are to everyone and how proud she is of me. she has done so much for me - so much to better my life. 

i love her with all my heart.

i love you, aunt e!!!


  1. You are truly blessed to have this wonderful lady as part of your family. Mrs. Ev Bess goes to our church, and we have been touched by her kindness on several occasions. She is one of the most loving, caring, generous, compassionate, and Godly women I have ever met. Her kindness to our family will never be forgotten. She has sent gifts to my son at the hospital while he was having surgery, donated to our benefit, sent gifts for my sister-n-law and myself for graduating nursing school and sent encouraging words to me every Sunday after church. She is all around an amazing person! I am so glad that I found your blog. I will have to continue to come and visit and check on your progress. May God wrap his arms around you and comfort you on bad days, and cheer you on on good days. I am so very happy to meet you, and looking forward to learning more about you!

    1. I am truly blessed to have Aunt Ev in my life. She is an amazing woman and I consider her one of my angels. Thank you for your gracious words and for reading my blog. I'm happy you stopped by and would love to have you visit again! :)