Thursday, July 31, 2014


remember i wrote about walking for a coach purse 6 weeks ago??

well, that got changed a little when i contacted my amazing friend and artist, aelias, and asked him to paint me something very specific.

my prize for walking 30 minutes 3 times a week for 6 weeks changed from a coach purse to a painting by him :)

and i couldn't be more thrilled with it!

i just finished my goal yesterday and my prize serendipitously came in the mail today!

let me explain what i wanted aelias to paint.

if memory serves me right, the idea came to me after coming out of inpatient and dealing with my, what third 'round' of depression, that i wanted a tear drop tattoo on my left hand, middle finger, right side, with the colors blue, teal, and purple, to represent/honor the sadness and suffering i have gone through on my journey through the past almost 4 years since coming home early from my mission.

when i picture it in my mind i always see it in this place and in those specific colors.

 i was so excited to get this - it was revision number 3 ;) look at that detail!

the tear drop represents the many tears i have cried over the trials i have experienced these past four years with anxiety, depression, seizures, and pcos. not knowing fully their purpose or when i would see their end.

i do not feel comfortable committing to a tattoo so i decided to use one of my dbt skills - alternate rebellion - and had aelias paint this image for me!

i also wanted the quote "god hears tears like a prayer" in the painting and he did an incredible job of tying it in with flowers (roses, my favorite which he didn't know!) and decorating the wrist with pearls (something else that is my favorite which he also didn't know!).

i couldn't believe my eyes the day he sent this to me - i was amazed

i cannot take my eyes off the painting. i have LITERALLY taken it with me everywhere since i got it today - to work - to the store - and to group therapy. i'm even going to keep it next to me tonight. it means so much to me. aelias has done more than bring an image in my mind to life - he has helped validate some of the most painful and sorrowful moments and memories i have experienced so far. 

this is a piece of artwork i will treasure forever, just like the one my sweet cousin, britney, painted for me in the post i wrote about here.

and the great news is, he's for hire!

follow him on instagram @aeliasmcham - contact him with art work requests. you won't be disappointed :)

the finished product in a special frame, this picture doesn't do it justice,
 - come over so i can show it to you in person - 
it's stunning and 

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