Thursday, June 26, 2014

problem solving... a dbt skill that i am learning and getting better at.

yesterday i was caught up in feelings of guilt and shame so i did another dbt skill, check the facts, where you factually examine if what you are feeling and experiencing fits the facts of the situation. i was feeling guilt and shame over not exercising like i "should" be doing because of my pcos and i have an upcoming appt with my obgyn where i will have to report my progress - or lack of progress - to him. i decided that guilt over not doing what i said i would do and shame - wanting to hide a private aspect of my life that might get me rejected by others when shared - did fit the facts IF i did not let it get out of control and shut me down.

so i went into problem solving mode and dug down deep to really discover what was causing this road block of me not exercising. i discovered two things : 1) there are some catastrophes i'm worried about (being over heated, sweating, the sensations of sweat, and other things along those lines) which i'll need to talk to susan about in our next session and 2) i realized i really am not motivated. susan and i both thought i would be motivated because the pcos is a threat to my ability to having children but i'm not actively trying to have children right now - hell i can't seem to get a date! lol - so it's not really motivating. 

but guess what is motivating....?? A NEW COACH PURSE!! oh ya baby! when i thought about getting a new coach purse i think i started salivating :) so i made a simple six week chart and wrote at the bottom in big letters "i'm walking for a new coach purse!!!" (3x/wk for 30 min) and that is the goal i have to meet before i can get it. it is HIGHLY motivating! and i have two other calendars filled out with other motivating prizes that i want to 'walk' for. 

i had to call susan and tell her the good news! she was so - well i think proud - and pleased with my work. and so was i! i did some really good problem solving on my own and checking the facts.

the skills work! it's amazing how much better they make my life. i'm becoming a better person and seeing success in my life because of them.

join me in a 6 week goal with a reinforcing prize!

what are you 'walking' for?

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