Wednesday, June 11, 2014


saturday night c and i went to the wild brush painting studio to get our painting on! it was such a fun experience! the environment was relaxed and chill and the studio was small but you didn't feel cramped. i had the BEST time being with her and having a girls' night out and doing something i really enjoy. i took a painting class in college - and though i wouldn't say i'm an expert at it by any means - i think what makes you good at it is whether or not you like it. and i DO like it!

i also got to use my dbt skills which was really great. i used participation - throwing yourself into an activity and being fully present while doing it, not worry about what is going to come after or what you have to do later - and non-judgmentally - not judging what you are doing or the efforts you are putting forth but just doing your best and accepting your efforts for what they are. i am really growing to appreciate these skills and what they are teaching me about staying in the present moment and not treating myself with harshness.

c creating her giraffe masterpiece :)
me and my owls!
us, proud of what we'd created in under two hours!

close up of my painting!

we had a great time and are for sure going back some time in the foreseeable future. i love how the canvas went from nothing to something all in one evening. i totally recommend it!

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