Saturday, June 21, 2014

crazy cups

soon after i was home from my mission i went through a period where i needed to have water with me all the time. it was one of my greatest fears that i would be in a public place and would not be able to get water. i was not doing a therapy that helped me problem solve my fears so i was not able to think about the possibility of buying water. to me, if i didn't have water with me, it didn't exist. to some degree i became consumed with this fear. every time i got ready to leave the house my throat would close up, i would get really thirsty, and i would start to panic.

it began to become a problem. i would take water bottles with me but i didn't really like them - for some reason they didn't offer me the comfort i was seeking. i saw my first 'crazy cup' as i named them at s's house. i knew immediately it was the solution to my problem. it was a 24 oz tervis tumbler. with it i could make my water the way i wanted, carry it close to me, and it would last me while i was running errands. 

now i'm happy to say that three-ish years later i can leave the house without water - because i know i can buy it at the places i go if i get thirsty or stop at sonic :) - but i don't often do that because it's habit and it's TEXAS so it's really hot here and being thirsty really isn't that strange.

this is the one i've been using for the past year-ish since i've been home - cute, right?!

i call them my 'crazy cups' because of my definition of crazy which can be found here. not because i am crazy in the way people use that word these days but in the way i use that word.

i absolutely LOVE them! they are my FAVORITE drink cups! they keep my drinks so cold and are the perfect size. i love everything about them. when i moved back home i only kept one out - huge mistake - and i have totally been missing my other 2 :( like, really missing them. so the other day i decided i deserved a 'reinforcement' (a dbt skill where you reinforce yourself for doing something good that was hard for you or that met desired expectations) and i got myself another 'crazy cup'!! i'm so happy with it and love it to pieces!

 the bigger one is what i just got as my reinforcement and it's adorable!!!

it has owls on it {of course} because i'm obsessed with owls and they are just my thing. i'll probably write a post soon on owls and why they mean so much to me.

i get my tervis tumblers from bed bath and beyond :)

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