Thursday, May 29, 2014

wise mind

i have been thinking a lot about this quote by maya angelou ever since i read it yesterday : "listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of god." i think it is so wise. it reminded me of a post i did a few years ago on silence and how much i enjoy quiet time to myself to think, write, and just be.

there can be so much each day that competes for our attention but we need to learn to give time for ourselves to be still. i like to use this time to commune with god. it refreshes my soul and helps me know that he loves me.

the dbt term for this is 'wise mind.' it is when you connect you body, mind, and soul together and dig into that well of knowledge that is in you. it is more than making a good decision - it is making a sound decision. knowing the facts of a situation and listening to your heart. wise mind is something that is difficult - at least for me - to describe. it is something you have to experience to really understand. i think to some degree we all have experienced wise mind - that moment when we're really pleased with a decision we've made because it fits our values, the situation, and makes sense in that moment. to me wise mind seems to go a step further. for example it can help us when we are being overly critical of ourselves or when we are caught up in the emotions of a situation.

susan has helped me many times get into wise mind during our sessions by calling my attention to my breath. i breathe in and out until i am calm. i hold my hands open, palms facing up, signifying 'willing hands,' and once my breathing is still and my mind is calm, usually very quickly a one sentence answer will come to whatever question i am being asked. i am sure the experience is different for each person. for me it seems to come straight up from my core into my head from left to right across my forehead like i'm reading the answer. it's a very neat experience. 

do you have a question or problem you can't seem to find the answer to or solve?

tonight, let's all find a quiet place, gently place our willing hands in our laps, take a few deep breaths until our minds and hearts are calm, ask god our question, and then wait quietly until he answers.

i promise if you wait, he will answer.

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