Monday, May 26, 2014

take a brief vacation

saturday was a great day.

my sister, b, decided she wanted to go to the beach. we live in the dallas area so the closest beach is galveston which is a 4-5 hour drive. those of you who have been readers of mine for a while know that i don't do heat or the sun or the outdoors in general :) that's just the way i roll. i've gotten a little better with this as time has gone on but that could be because it has been winter-ish in texas.

soooo, when b decided she wanted to go to the beach, she didn't even think of inviting me because she assumed my answer would be 'no.' and normally it would. but i learned a new skill last week from susan called 'take a brief vacation' and i wanted to practice using it. to use this skill you mindfully take a break from your life and do something different. it can be as simple as reading your favorite magazine in an easy chair for an hour to getting a manicure/pedicure, going to the zoo, visiting a museum, going to a new restaurant downtown, going on a walk in the mansion area of town, going shopping in another city, visiting a cute boutique, etc etc, but the point is to do something different and unique that is not part of your daily routine. this gives you a break and helps you feel like you have had a 'brief vacation' from life.

when the opportunity presented itself to 'take a brief vacation' i wanted to go to the beach for the experience of going. b was surprised - and frankly i surprised myself a little lol! - but we got up early saturday morning and she drove us down to galveston while i slept and we spent a lazy afternoon, her soaking up the sun, me slooped under the umbrella, but still enjoying the breeze and the ocean-ie smell.

funny story -- i get migraines easily when i get too hot so i could feel one coming on when we got to the spot we picked out on the beach, so b had me sit under the umbrella while she tried to figure out how to set it up. well 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, all roll by with really no progress -- i always say i'm more in the supervisor roll. i'm not really any help when it comes to setting things up/taking things apart because my brain just doesn't function like that - and i was the official holder of the umbrella so it didn't fly away while she was trying to stake it down. so this young father of three - with a very pregnant wife - took pity?? mercy?? on us and came over with a shovel and said, "need a shovel??" and b was like, "no i need help!" and basically roped him into setting up our umbrella while we watched his kids - his wife had gone somewhere to get something. nicest guy and so helpful! anyway - he got it up for us and b put some more string-ie things around it to stay and all in all it stayed up while we were there :)

it was very pleasant and i got to people watch which is something i really enjoy. people are fascinating! and on the beach they are so active and engaging. b and i had some really good and funny conversations - we decided no one will understand us as well as each other. we had plenty of water, dr pepper, and gatorade, as well as snacks to keep us happy and later in the afternoon we decided to drive back home. i did the drive home while b slept. we stopped at in-and-out for dinner and sang our little hearts out to some fabulous tunes!

it was a great girls' day trip and a wonderful 'brief vacation.' i recommend everyone take a 'brief vacation' -- it's rejuvenating for the soul! 

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