Sunday, February 2, 2014

february song

there is so much going on in my heart. it still hurts from the loss of l. more of his story is here. i had a very good session with susan last monday. i told her that i was still so sad over the loss of l. she said, years ago our culture was more considerate and understanding of people in the grieving process. they accepted it. the person grieving wore black. they received visitors in their home. sadness was allowed, not pushed aside as it so often is now in days so that we can get back to 'living life.' sadness is an emotion that is there for a reason. why do we feel sad? to remind us of what we are missing. and to give us time to evaluate how we are going to move forward without the person we are so used to having in our lives. sadness is actually good. it gives us time to s t o p and s l o w d o w n. how do i go on without l? what did he teach me about life and living? what do i want to take from his life and incorporate in my life so that his legacy lives on?

in another part of my world, my heart is also heavy. someone i love so dearly is hurting. i love her so completely, just the way she is and want what is best for her. words fail me. i am sad that she is hurting. yes. but it is so much more than that. i would take her pain if i could. i would take her suffering. i have been where she is. i have learned so much from living my life. i have learned so much from the path god has placed me on.


left foot, right foot.

slow down.

remember to breathe.

trust the process.

today is not the day to excel.

too many people are too aware to let me/you go.

my/your future is bright.

life is worth living, even when it's hard.

remember those 8 things. it gets better. i promise. pinky promise. and listen to josh groban. his voice soothes the weary soul <3

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