Sunday, December 8, 2013

the grinch!

it has to be my all time favorite. one of my aunts loves the grinch too and has dedicated her christmas tree to grinch ornaments! i have some of my own grinch ornaments that made it onto my tree last year and will in coming years make it onto my christmas tree again.

why do i love the grinch so much? because of what he learned. he learned that christmas is more than presents. it's more than things in stores. it's more than what you can buy. christmas is a place in your heart, and if you are careful, you can carry it with you all year long.

every year the leaders in my church put on a christmas devotional. in 2010 one of the leaders spoke about the grinch and i loved what he said. i hope you take the time to watch it.

this year i'm saying no to a lot. and letting myself 'off the hook' for things i normally wouldn't. and i have found that i still have friends, i still have those who care about me, and all my needs are met.

there are still stresseors of course but if i can just focus on the savior, my christmas will be so much better. i couldn't believe it when i saw yesterday that there are only 17 days left until christmas! it made me so sad. our tree wasn't even up at that point. i want to savor every second of this season. enjoy it. love it.

i won't lie - all of the family time and together-ness can be too much for me and i have/do shut down. but there is a magic that fills the air this time of year. i think it's because the earth is graced with an added measure of god's love for us as we celebrate the birth of his son.

i'm thankful for his son, for this season, for the lights, the smells, the food, the warmth, and the joy it brings.

merry christmas!

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