Saturday, October 12, 2013


i was texting with s the other night.

describing to her a situation that had left me feeling forced into something.

i was upset and anxious over it.

her reply was simple :

"ah yes, i get that. if pushed we do not do well."

that is a sentence of gold.

i do not do well when i am pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed.

if i'm hesitant enough times when you ask me something, i'm politely saying no.

i don't want to hurt your feelings.

so take the ____ing hint and back off!

there is a reason why i only let two people push me : one is god and one is my therapist.

both are highly skilled and trained at working with people and in particular me.

when they say something i respond and i trust their pushing.

but you - no, i don't trust you - so leave me alone.

back off.

leave me be.

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