Saturday, July 6, 2013


i have been learning so much in dbt. it is really helping me. giving me things to do when i want to self harm or feel incapable of handling a life situation. i am beginning to think 'outside' of myself and my anxiety/depression when difficult situations arise - as they always will - and dare i say i'm seeing progress??

this past week i house sat for a friend. it was fun but was a change in routine. and of course with a change in routine comes changes in me. the bed was different so i woke up sore in different spots. and my days have always/lately been thrown off, remaining so there. i feel that's to blame for my long time in between posts. that and my continuous lack of energy. when my energy returns, we will all know i'm cured :) let's all start praying for that !

so - tip - what is that you say?? well, it's this really neat accronym and it is what i'm supposed to start with when self harm urges creep up or when a situation arises that is too big for me to address.

it stands for
t - temperature
i - intensity
p - pressure

first, temperature. you drastically change your body temperature by plunging your face in a bowl full of ice cold water. i haven't been able to convince myself to do this yet so i do cold showers - yikes! - and ice packs. and let me tell you it works. this pulls blood away from your large muscles, clears your brain, and helps you focus.

next, intensity. you do 20 minutes of intense cardio exercise to get your heart rate up and pumping blood back into your muscles.

finally, pressure. you do progressive muscles relaxation to calm your body and slow your heart rate.

you repeat this process until the crisis has passed and/or until you are calm enough to go on and handle the situation/let it go.

now .... i do believe i have made it clear before that i do not like the sun - sweating - being hot - etc etc .... so i usually skip #2 :) but if i were in a really really bad way i'm sure / i'm sure hoping i would do all the steps.

tonight, i'm sitting with ice packs on. if that clues you in to how i'm doing ... and i'm breathing. and trying to embrace some moments and let other moments go. and let the meds do their job and the advil do its job. 

allinall tomorrow will be better, right? right.

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