Thursday, June 27, 2013

conveyor belt

i learned something really cool from susan in dbt therapy. i thought i'd pass it along to my reader's so we can all benefit from it :)

it's called the 'conveyor belt.'

at night, when you are settling in to sleep, begin by focusing on your breathing.

then, when you have thoughts come, picture a conveyor belt.

and as a thought comes, picture it rolling across the conveyor belt.

pick it up and sort it into a bucket.

that bucket may be labeled "grocery items," "childhood memories," "self harm thoughts," "tasks for tomorrow," "worries/concerns," "bills," or any other number of bucket labels.

sort the thought into the bucket and then return to focusing on your breathing. as the next thought comes, take it and sort it. repeat and repeat.

this simple exercise is to help you put some space between you and your thoughts. it also forces them to slow down and gives you time to think about them a little and let them go.

i have found it so helpful in the few weeks i've been using it.

i hope you find success with it too!


  1. I'm so glad this has been working for you! I'm gonna try it next time my thoughts are keeping me up! :)

    1. thanks, ashley! i hope it works for you next time thoughts are keeping you awake :) xo