Sunday, February 10, 2013

psychology test

i did this psychology walk through test for fun. i thought the results would be interesting to read. the questions asked are in blue. my answers in purple. then below, the explanation is in black and my thoughts are again in purple.

Imagine yourself in a forest.
1: Is the forest you see light or dark? dark
2: Did you see a path? no, but i see a light shining ahead
Now we ask you to walk through the forest.
1: You see a cup. What does it look like? it is clear, square, made of glass with lines as decor
2: What do you do with it? look at it and leave it
You continue on your walk through the forest. You see water.
1: What does it look like? it's a waterfall that falls into a medium sized river
2: Is the water you see moving? yes
3: How deep is this water? medium/waist deep
4: You need to cross the water. How do you do it? build a bridge and walk over it
You continue on your walk through the forest. You see a bear.
1: What sort of bear is it? a grizzly bear, brown and ferocious, growling at me
2: What’s your bear doing? standing on its hind legs, paws in the air, growling
3: You need to move on. How do get around the bear? i wait until it goes away
You continue walking. You reach a beach.
1: How many people do you see? none
2: How far are the nearest people? there are no people for as far as the eye can see

The forest and the path
If you saw a path in the forest you’re not yet settled into your life as it is. Younger people usually see a path. Why is this? The path is symbolic of where you’re going. People still finding their way in life are more likely to see a path. Those more settled in their direction or place in life are less likely to see a path. i feel pretty settled in my life. sure. there are some things i still want, such as a husband and children, a home and other big things, but i'm content with my apartment, job, car and life for the time being. i think that's why i saw a light. it was shining on ahead to the greater days to come.
The Cup
The cup is symbolic of wealth and your approach to it. The question gave you the chance to see any sort of cup. If you left the cup alone you were given the chance to take a reward but left it behind you. Either wealth has no real value to you or wealth is something you think you’ve got to work for. i hate money. anyone who knows me knows this is true. i hate bills and thinking about paying things and worrying about money. it all gets my anxiety to a point of no return. my approach to money is earn it spend it. one day i hope to be more on the end of earn it save it spend it but right now that's just not the way life is. i left the cup alone cause i'd just rather not mess with 'money.'

Water is symbolic of love. The depth and speed of the water you see is indicative of your approach to love. The ease with which you cross the water is an indicator of your attitude and approach to love. The more easily you crossed the water, the more comfortable you’re likely to be in your approach to love. it's true that i can be sarcastically witty and mean :) but it's often to protect my heart from the harsh realities of life. i'm a softy. and love love. in fact i entitled one of my personal journal entries "romantic comedies are my kryptonite"
The Bear
The bear is symbolic of problems and how you deal with them. The question gave you the chance to see a problem. If you saw a teddy or Winnie-the-Pooh then in relative terms your life is stress free and when given a problem you don’t see one. You’re pretty happy with life too. If you saw a real bear you were given the chance to see a problem. People under routine stress will see large and very dangerous bears. If the bear has seen you and is looking threatening you need a holiday! You’re under high levels of stress or worry. How you get round the bear is indicative of how you deal with problems and how you resolve them. i totally feel stressed all. the. freaking. time. even over things i know i shouldn't stress about, i do. so it makes sense to me that i saw a grizzly bear on its hind legs growling at me. yep. that's pretty much what stress does. corners me and i cower and wait til it goes away.
The Beach
The beach is symbolic of how you relate to people around you. How many people you pictured on the beach relates directly to the number of people you want around you. If you didn’t see any people then you’re a person least comfortable in a crowded pub, club or bar. You may even avoid them. You have the potential to be a social animal, but you wouldn’t get lonely stranded on a desert island. You’re content for long periods of time with your own company. Where you see people on the beach is symbolic of how you relate to people around you. If you saw people in the distance then you don’t need contact with other people all of the time. You’re happy with you own company. i'm pretty content to be on my own. i do enjoy people, but one on one, not in groups. when it gets larger than 4 people including myself my anxiety kicks things into high gear and i start to go a little cray-cray.

*this was just a fun little exercise to end my sunday evening. nothing too serious. i'm taking all these answers with a grain of salt :)*

*what are your answers?*

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