Monday, January 28, 2013

have you prospered?

mom asked me this question today and it really struck me. it stopped my swirling anxious thoughts. have i prospered? did i do well in 2012? and i have to say the more i thought about it, the more my blessings stood out to me.

i have a car to drive, which i own free and clear.

i have a place to live.

i was able to afford surgery to take out a piece of me that wasn't working.

i took a few trips/vacations.

i live debt free each month.

i could - and did for a while today - get caught up in all the things i don't have (a fatter bank account, a new phone, a new computer, more money and time for vacations, etc etc) but if that's all i spend my time on, i'll miss the greater blessings god has given me.

maybe, during this season of my life, to prosper is not to have every single want met and more. and that's ok. perhaps later in life with age and learning i'll budget better, save and invest wisely. but for my first year living on my very own, i made it. and that is the definition of prospering to me. in this moment. at this time. with god's good grace i was able to do it. to live, work, and survive.

so, yes, i have prospered, and i have so much to be grateful for.

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