Tuesday, December 25, 2012

wise men still seek him

what a blessing today has been.
presents were un-wrapped.
tummies were filled.
joy was felt.

and now as i sit in my parents' home listening to mom play christmas songs on the piano, i can't help but be amazingly grateful for the Savior of the world who came as a tiny baby into the world so many years ago.

i love the christmas story in luke 2 : 1 - 20. it's beautiful. angels, shepherds, parents, wise men, animals - so many were involved on that day. what a gift god gave us in sending his son, Jesus.

every christmas season i read the book 'the christmas box' by richard paul evans. it is my favorite christmas book - my second favorite christmas story. it tells that the first gift of christmas was love. and i truly believe that.

love from god to his children.
love from mary to her baby.
love from joseph to his wife.
love from wise me to their king.
love from angels to their Savior.
love from Christ to us.

i have felt love today. love as i've been with family. love in giving and receiving gifts. love in time and laughing. so much has been shared today. there is no better word to describe it than beautiful.

i am grateful beyond words for my Savior, Jesus Christ. that he came. that he lives.

his birth makes this season the most wonderful time of the year!

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