Monday, December 3, 2012

~~~ water ~~~

i am not a fan of water. i like to drink it. and shower in it once a day. but i do not find fun in water activities.

i *do.not* like the beach. sun, sand, water. three things i really, really don't like. the last time i was at a beach was may 2011 ... hawaii ... and i only allowed my toes and knees in then spent 30 minutes de-sanding.

i cannot stand swimming pools. all of that water. the thought of it seriously makes my lungs shrink and i feel my chest hollow out. the last time i swam in a pool was mmmmm 3 years ago?? sounds about right. 

even when i was younger i had to shower after swimming. some say the chlorine counts as killing germs. i vote N O . i had to get the chlorine germs, the smell, and the feel of the water off through a shower.

why am i talking about water?? and how much i dislike it?? because while i'm awake i choose to not be in or around water. but at night my dreams overflow with water. and it's upsetting. and makes it difficult for me to sleep.

i have done some research about what water symbolizes in dreams. water is emotions. it would then make sense that going through my journey and the many emotions which accompany it, i would have water in my dreams.

the dreams that stand out in my mind are :: one i had where i was in a pool and the water kept coming up and over me - like a lazy river, minus the lazy, plus waves. i was continually pulled under trying to catch my breathe - for what felt like all night. this happened months ago. i remember waking up feeling alone, burdened, and crushed.

from research :
"If the person is pouring out water to others, it may represent offering new life, new changes or even purification. If the dreamer is being swallowed up by a typhoon, it could mean he is overwhelmed by change and transition to the point of great anxiety and dread. Always, in all dream analysis, it is essential to determine the emotional state one has during and after the dream." more here

another one i have which is a little on the funny side is i'll dream of bathrooms like at the ymca but each stall is either occupied or the water is dirty and the toilet is overflowing! i have not dove deeper into the meaning of these dreams because usually a while later i'll wake up and realize i have to use the restroom :) to me, that's my body's way of say, "time to go!"

from research :
 i found this really neat website that talks a lot about water in dreams. i really like it and recommend it. the dream tree

though i do not like dreams with water in them, i have come to accept the possibility of them in my nightly dreams.

~ wet water moving flowing consuming carrying drowning ~

what i wasn't prepared for the other night was this dream which had water in a different form *snow, ice, sleet* :: the dream took place at church. someone in the room made a rude comment about my brother not going to church ... my brother had his feet up on another chair ... i was sitting with a class filled with young children ... my brother got offended and stormed out of the room slamming the door ... it shook the room. i started swearing in front of the young kids but caught myself ... i ran out to go get him ... screaming his name through the halls at church and i found him outside ... i told him he better f'ing as hell come back and close the door the right way ... lots of swearing and anger on my part ... he said no ... i went to go get my aunt and uncle ... they wouldn't talk to my brother ... i went and got someone else to help my brother understand ... then my family was there and we all got into three different cars ...  it was snowing - ice - sleet - on the roads ... we all got into wrecks ... yelling angry ... i remember feeling cold, angry, distant ... i could almost feel the sensory input of the snow on my arms ...

from research :
 "Snow is water and water typically represents the emotions and/or the unconscious and/or the intuition. Since snow is frozen one might conclude that snow therefore represents an emotional coldness or a kind of emotional paralysis. Or one might believe that snow might mean that the intuition is somehow blocked--information may be received but the ability to trust it or act upon it is missing. Something else to consider when you are interpreting your snow dream is the condition of the snow. Is it white? Is it a nice snow or is it a driving blizzard or a serious snowstorm? Is the snow falling at an odd time of year? Snow that is brown or off color may indicate feelings of innocence lost. Snowstorms or blizzards may indicate feeling emotionally overwhelmed or unable to see one's way through a situation such as the way one might feel if caught in a 'blinding snowstorm.'" 

this dream left me shaken and nights later i still think about it. the cold snow was almost unbearable. i usually look forward to sleep. not tonight.

what do you dream about?

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