Friday, December 14, 2012

there are many right ways

to do one thing.

i am learning this.

i have explained the physical side of anxiety in previous posts and how the racing thoughts of anxiety affect me physically - pounding heart, short breath, dizziness.

some of my anxiety can be attributed to lack of control. lack of control in my life, in others' lives, in work, in my car working as it should, in depending on the mail man to come at a certain time every day, in a person taking a different route to a destination then i would've picked, and on and on it can go. from seemingly small things to huge things, anxiety claims them all as 'uncontrollable.'

so when i see someone doing something i've done a million times before i often find myself voicing my opinion on 'how you should do it.' welllllll guess what self .... there are plenty of right ways to do things. so let it go.

that's what i'm working on. breathing. and letting each person choose how he/she will respond and act in a situation. i don't need to tell my little sister how to drive to wal-mart. there are literally 5 different ways you can go and they all end at wal-mart. just because i have a preference doesn't mean i need to voice that preference. i can just keep it to myself, enjoy the ride, and let it go.

this is really hard for me, but i'm trying. i hope others will be patient with me as i try.

as a balloon in the wind, i'm letting it go.

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