Monday, December 3, 2012

i switched my title back

. because . of a great counseling session with my therapist. where in it he said something brilliant which i will paraphrase into moderate brilliance. "you have gone through something life altering and it would make sense that it consumes your world for a time while you're going through it."

no to the DUH!!!

and so i made the excellent decision tonight *in the shower i must add which is in my opinion the smartest place to make decisions* to change my title back. i am not saying that anxiety is all there is to me. anyone who has thought that is just wrong. but this is my blog. my blog about anxiety. and so how i deal with anxiety is going to be a main topic. there are so many other sides to me : work, play, friends, church, humor, sleep, meds, car, irritations, likes, loves, wants, wishes, dreams, feelings, needs, thoughts, etc etc ... and i could make a blog about each of those. but at this point in time i'm not. i am writing about something that changed my life and how i have dealth with that change.

i felt that i had left a friend behind when i changed the title. what i didn't realize was that i was not advertising 'this is all there is to me' ::: my blog is 'this is part of me.'

and now with my title back i feel at peace.
this decesion deserves a standing ovation!


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