Wednesday, October 3, 2012


on the stability scale of
with 1 being "i am completely stable, calmly eating a snack"
to 10 "i am completely unstable, actively commiting suicide"
i am a solid 8.

therefore this post must be taken with a grain of salt.
.salt. my eyes sting from the amount of salty heart wrenching tears they have produced in the past 24 hours.
yes. i have had two breakdowns, crashes, system failures in the last 24 hours.
i'm hurting and hungover from all of the emotion.
i cut. to try and numb the pain. it didn't work.
i cried. to try and release the pain. it didn't work.
and i thought about crashing my car. bad.
these reasons and more explain the solid 8.
my solution tonight is to drug and go to bed while i'm semi ahead.
i have
no wisdom to impart. no great advice to give. no encrouaging words to say.
there are days when life is going to suck. and i mean bad. and if those days turn into a week then you call that week
and cry your f'in eyes out!
for this week i've moved to the following address :::
060 Sucky Ln.
Suckville, Suckerton 00600

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