Sunday, October 14, 2012

oh those brown eyes

HACKED! This is b writing on r's blog. I write because sometimes comments aren't read in their entirety and everyone needs to know how beautiful my beloved sister is. if you don't already know, here's a start:

Rachel is:

strong--her strength comes from weakness. ironic and yet so true.

lovely--the beauty this dear heart brings to the world through her words and her acceptance.

malleable--may be an odd word--but the truth of it is rachel embraces the changes she sees daily: in her clients, in her emotions, in her family, in her journey.

accepting--no matter where I am on my journey, rachel accepts it. she embraces me and loves me at the lowest, highest and that awkward middle ground where there's really just movement.

a resource for success--you want to succeed in life, look into those honey-brown eyes, lit with love, pain, and a desire to continue to move forward. she knows. she understands. and she still loves.

a sister--literally she's my sister. but i think if i were not her biological sister, we would still be sisters. anne of green gables coined the phrase "kindred spirits" and that is how rachel is. those who love her the most, love her the most.

a hope--i read of her life, talk to her, text her, listen, learn and love her. she gives me hope in finding beauty everyday. there is always a reason to go on. if not happiness, she tells me sleep is a reason to continue. she tells me to go to sonic. she tells me to take care of myself. she tells me to live the life i love. she reminds me there is a reason to love.
dearest, i love you. and all who read this post know why.

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