Tuesday, October 16, 2012

no title needed

ok ... i need to vent ... and it's my blog ... so i'm going to.

let me start out with this :::


ugh. it's exhausting. and i have a touch of a cold and so the dry throat gets me coughing which makes my gag reflex well activate and there i go throwing up and up and up in front of strangers' houses ... all over the greater dallas area. i mean yuck! i feel like a freakin' dog marking her territory.

you may remember an earlier post entitled - maybe my super power is vomit - about this throwing up i've been going through. later i had surgery to remove my gallbladder because that's what the drs thought was causing the throwing up and i wrote about it in my post entitled walking anyway.

it's six weeks post surgery ... and i'm still throwing up!!!!!!!! :(

:( boohooohooooo! seriously. there is a reason why throwing up is not a part of our everyday normal routine. wake up - eat breakfast - throw up - brush your teeth - get dressed - throw up - print notes off for work - get snacks - throw up .... see this is just not how it's supposed to be.

throwing up is just gross. the feeling of food and water slipping up your throat and coming out of your mouth is NASTY!!! so so so nasty!!!!

i have developed some very odd what i guess i'll label 'talents' from this whole throwing up for no apparent reason season in my life ....

1) i have amazing aim with my vomit. like amazing. i can make it in the exact center of a cup / sink. awesome.

2) i can drive and throw up at the same time. if i had a third arm i could change the radio station. how sweet would that be??!!

i almost feel like the guy in green eggs and ham .... i can do it by a fox in a box in a house near a mouse on a train or a plane in a cup while i jump ..... pretty much anywhere anytime for no reason.

and so ... i'm having an endoscopy on friday.  which is good :)

please god, please, let them find something wrong that is fixable because i'm 99% sure i can't live the rest of my life throwing up everyday. it's exhausting. and i know you understand and will use it for your greater purpose. but i don't understand and i'm tired of this trial. is that bad to say, god? i really am ready to be done with the vomit. i mean if it was for a baby i could probably manage. but there's no baby. there's nothing that i can see that will come from this. just my lunch. so please god, please, help the doctor to be smart and to see - really see - what is going on. and let there be a solution to this. please, let it end soon.

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