Sunday, October 14, 2012

a question from b

today my sister sent me this question in a text
if you had a day with god, how would you spend it?

this was such a brilliant question that i believed it deserved more than a text for an answer. it deserved a post.

i believe in god. he is my father who lives in heaven. he is the literal father of my spirit or soul which is in me and gives life to my physical body.

i also believe in jesus christ. he is a separate and distinct individual from my heavenly father. jesus christ is the savior of the world. he is my older brother. the bible has many stories of the life of jesus christ. i know them. i love them. i believe them.

in answer to my sister's question, i will respond to how i would spend a day with god, my heavenly father.

first, i would invite him into my home. he is my father and i want him to see what i have accomplished. what i have done with the life he has given me. seeing my home would bring him joy. he would love my decor and pictures. i think/hope it would be a place he would feel comfortable being. i would probably be playing christmas music.

second, i would show him my plants. i love my plants, but there is one that is dying. i would ask him to show me how to help it grow. maybe where to put it in my home, how often to water it, and what to 'feed it' so that it would grow and stay healthy. he would be so happy to show me this. i would ask him about roses. how did he think to create such a beautiful flower? and would he please make one for me with a color i have never seen before? i think he would be happy to do this for me.

third, we would just sit on my couch and talk. mostly i would just want to be in his presence. to feel the love he has for me. in these sweet quiet moments, i wouldn't ask why he loves me or question his love for me, rather i would feel it radiate through me. i would embrace it and accept it.

i think this is all i would do on my day with god. i would spend it in my home, with god, listening and learning from him. i think my countenance would be very child-like. i feel in my heart that i would want to take a nap and have him watch over me. to have him physically with me and to feel his presence so near and so real would be such a blessing. i would want that. time i guess. because in truth, time is love. and i would want him to know that me spending time with him was me showing my love for him. and i would know in a very real way that him spending time with me was showing me how much he loves me.

i feel god's influence in my life everyday. some days it is stronger than others. when i am more 'in-tune' with god i feel him so near. there are times when my anxieties and worries create a barrier around my heart 'protecting' me. in these moments i don't feel god as strongly because my fear has consumed my faith. often a friend, counselor, or long prayer will bring me back to god.

one thing i have decided i would not do on my day with god is ask him to heal me from my anxiety disorder. to so many who are struggling with physical, mental, emotional issues, addictions, hurts and pains, it seems like asking god to take away that trial or rather heal you from that trial would be the first and best thing to do. but i have decided that it is because of my anxiety disorder that i have such a close relationship with god. it brings me to him.
why would i ask him to take away from me that which brings me to him?

i know he is real. i know he is close. i know he cares.
even on my worst day, i can't deny these facts.

so now i pose the question to you
'if you had a day with god, how would you spend it?'

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