Sunday, September 16, 2012


there are quite a few things i have wanted to say -- but never enough to make a full post about it ... so i will compile them all and just ramble for a moment. i'm pretty sure nothing i say will be life changing or even super helpful ... but hopefully funny?? or at least distracting

s said to me the other week "handle one stupid thing at a time." that was my motto this week as i worked to get through well work and other 'stupid' things.

one stupid thing that will probably never cease to bother me is when people back into parking spaces. we could possibly note here that it may be my underlying jealousy at how easy they make it look - but let's not go there. instead let's focus on how utterly ridiculous it is to back into a parking spot! seriously -- as if those maybe 3 seconds if you are backing out slow are going to help. and those people who insist on backing in stop the flow of traffic when they do their fancy moves.

another stupid thing is the blinkers on the new mustangs. i gave a go at describing it - have deleted it - and instead give props to youtube for having absolutely anything you can think of on there. click this. dumb. dumb. dumb. every time i see it my eyes go cross and i get a headache. too much visual input. or i could just be super sensitive. again, not going there.

s sent me a prize package this week. it was filled with glorious treasures!

my favorite was this magnet :::

i want one in every color - on every shirt - on my socks and sleeves!

the holiday season starts now for me! christmas comes and goes way too fast if you begin in december, so i begin in september. the following are my top three favorite christmas songs :::

there are so many more - but this is a solid beginning :)

i have also started on christmas movies. top three favorites so far are :::

the grinch and white christmas go without saying.

well hohoho and all that good stuff. may you handle one stupid thing at a time this week.

i'm off to finish my laundry.

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