Monday, August 13, 2012


.... that i almost didn't take my night meds in order to type it ....
..... that i almost didn't put away my most beloved mozzarella cheese to type it .....
..... that i almost didn't pee to type it .....

and then i realized the folly in not practicing what i am preaching

so i did those things

and used ONLY UPPERCASE LETTERS in my blog title to make up for the lost time :)

i have a vague - very vague - idea of who my readers are. i hope they are friends and strangers alike. those looking for some ideas / guidance / validation as they move forward in their journey. i hope this blog is seen by all types of eyes belonging to a multitude of personalities.

but i know one pair of hazel eyes with a bright personality behind them that reads this blog. and so my dear sister s, this post is for you.

here are some things i need / want you to remember as you trudge through your safari path ::

1 - you are always - always - always safe at sonic; not just on tuesdays, or when the sky is purple, or when the grass says hello, or when you wear yellow socks -
A L W A Y S. please go here for additional information. remember when i planted that red straw in the tree bed at sonic for you??

2 - worry less, breathe more.  i came up with that just for you on my drive home tonight. deep, therapeutic breaths. the day will move on. time will pass. moments will be. and you my dear sister, will breathe. see the air drifting around you, carrying you to a safe place? in air there is safety.

3 - in order to remain calm you must be cool and to be cool is to be comfortable.
calm - cool - comfortable.
it is never ok to sacrifice your mental health for gasoline. it's just not. period. keep the car on at sonic. always. run the a/c full blast until you are cool, then adjust temperature. but never - never turn the car off. sonic is a no sweat zone.

4 - when you are feeling down - do a self check. HHALTT (click on that). and remember to take care of you first - then tackle rational - reasonable problems. if you need help locating those types of problems just let me know. i'm good at sniffing them out.

5 - remember that there are times when it's shit not crap hell not heck suck not stink damn it not dang it and so on and so forth. if you think those will get you into hell you'll have fabulous company cause me and that other sister of ours will be there. for sure.

6 - have your go to angry songs. these are ones you can blast in the car - break glass to - 'prune' trees to (have i told you about the two trees i've killed because of over 'pruning' in times of great anxiety/anger?? true stories) SCREAM to. may i suggest (and to preview them you must click on the word 'this') this one .... this one .... this one .... this one ... or this one. there is not limit or right // wrong song. have a few. and dance/scream your ass (not butt) off.

7 - i am here. hear. always. whenever.

and remember

- no matter what - 

(get ready to click on the words below)

there will be another day. all is well and all is well and all that matters is well.

i love you. more than you'll ever know. but that's ok.



  1. Beautifully written and oh so true, Rachel!!! You've got a lot of wisdom bottled up in that body. You go girlfriend! I love you! Aunt L

    1. Thanks Aunt L - You rock - always and always. xo

  2. You are an amazing woman...I love your insights...and I love your guts! (and you write oh SO well:) <>

    1. Thank you for the compliment :) I'm grateful that you read and enjoy my writing!

  3. So wise, yes you are :)

    I wish I could cuddle with that doggie in that ice. Preferably naked, looks comfortable for some reason!

    1. thx girl :) you are wise too .... i believe that one day showers will have an ice spray feature ... sonic ice of course ... and that day will be wonderful! thanks for reading my blog and connecting

  4. Rachel,

    I miss you, girl! I love reading your blog. You have an amazing way of putting your thoughts into wonderful dialoge and truth that needs to be told. I wish I had an ounce of your courage and talent. Keep it up, sweetie.
    Love and miss you,

    1. Two years later and I'm replying to your comment lol! Sorry - thank you so much - I'm grateful that you read my blog and enjoy what you read. You have strength and courage too, don't discount that. Miss you. xo