Thursday, July 26, 2012

i wish

i wish i didn't feel so shitty and bitchy

i wish someone would come over and paint my toes with crackle nail polish

i wish i could get a tattoo of a teardrop on the inside of my middle finger left hand or on my left wrist

i wish i could cry

i wish i had $100,000 so on days when i feel like shit i could not work : and it wouldn't mean making or not making rent

i wish they sold no name kroger orange juice at wal-mart so i don't have to make trips to both

i wish i could stop vomiting up foam at patients' homes

i wish i could be in a car accident and that it was so bad i'd have to stay in the hospital for months and rest and be taken care of

i wish i didn't have a phone

i wish i could cry

i wish that the sonogram i'm having tomorrow was because i'm having a baby and not because blood tests came back questionable and they need to check my liver/abdomen

i wish i didn't have anxiety and that panic was not a part of my daily routine

i wish i could stop worrying about the dumb liver results

i wish i could take my life and not feel bad about that

i wish my doctor would give me a drug that would stop me from throwing up

i wish i had husband to support and help me right now

i wish i could cry

i wish my car would morph into an acura tl tonight

i wish the straw that broke the camel's back was not the "Rachel Hay and Guest" printed on a wedding invitation i got today

i wish i had an "and guest"

i wish i knew how to do this / life / live / be better

i wish i could drown my sorrows in a 6 pack of beer

i wish i could take a vacation to washington dc

i wish i rested when i sleep

i wish i could cry

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