Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this explains a lot

i remain in my slupped down state -- and there are so many things i want to post about -- but they are on topics i am passionate // feel strongly about -- and let me be real :: i just don't have that kind of energy. yes, even to write about these topics would zap me of any "keep her alive juice" i have left.

as i have been in this state a phrase keeps coming into my head "i have one minute left in my brain!" odd and random so let me explain .

it comes from the makers of kid history. they are a group of brothers // friends // brothers-in-law who get together and have their kids // nieces // nephews make up stories. the guys then act out these stories using the kids' voices and ... it . is . hilarious . !

my favorite is this one .

at 5:14 the 'kid' on the left is talking about a song he had just sung and wants the other 'kid' to guess what song it is.

to emphasize his point he says the following :

but ya, there's only one minute left in my brain!
time's running out!
so you better guess!

you will notice that the 'kid' who is supposed to guess is in his own world, focused on doing his own thing. and as funny as this sceen is - it's how i feel.

there is really only one minute of usable intelligence left in my brain.

and once it's gone, it's gone.

how many minutes are left in your brain?

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