Sunday, June 24, 2012

o . k . a . y .

this past week has been very hard on me - emotionally and physically.

sometimes when i am in a down slump i get super creative with writing and projects - which is a nice bonus if i'm going to work through some depression.

but this week i have felt less creatively depressed and just simply down. slumping along. and i've found it difficult to write and express my thoughts. to reach out to others - to write on my blog for the purpose that i want - to help those struggling with similar problems.

so my reaching out is going to be thorugh this statement -- it's okay to have down days and weeks. ones that slump and sloop around. where your goal is to stay alive. tread water. and breathe until you can get to a better place.

my friend a made up an acronym for okay which has brought me hope in my slumppie time.

o - openly

k - kindly

a - accepting

y - you you are in this moment.

simply powerful :: powerfully simple.

and so i will look forgivingly upon myself this last week and realize that i am me - good - bad. easy times - rough times. and all of it creates me. as i openly accept all my weaknesses and troubles with kindness my ability to extend that same mercy to others will increase. 

i will practice being o k a y with myself this coming week. whatever self that may be.

will you?

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