Saturday, June 30, 2012

8 phrases to blog or journal by

soooooo i was keeping a running list of things i wanted to write about on my blog in an unsent email to myself ... and as i was reviewing it tonight .... i somehow deleted. and after a "damn" the above 'flashed' into my mind.

and it's so true. i'm coming out of the depression i've been in. thanks to amazing friends who have been there, understand, and are giving me validation as i move through this. and - A N D - a counselor who is very very good. i am grateful for all who have been and are there for me and i feel myself slowly rising out of the ashes of depression.

and so until my other thoughts and blog ideas choose to return, i am going to write about an exercise s taught me. she uses the following 8 phrases to focus her thoughts when anxiety has taken over.

i have found it so helpful. hopefully you will too :)

I am :: watching the 30th anniversary michael jackson special. idk why. i'm not an mj fan  - like sure his stuff is good, but i don't cry when he comes on. and i'm not 100% sure what's entertaining me more ... him or the audience! seriously those people are hilarious! emotionally, i am feeling well tonight. breathing and distracting myself with this show.

I feel :: tired, but safe in my house. i don't feel crazy or out of my head. i feel grounded and not too high or low. just about right

I think :: i should go to bed soon. and i seriously think the mj fans are so freakin' funny! crying, screaming, yelling, waving - ha! as if he can see them from where he is. some great stuff here.

I know :: that my sadness is getting better. that i am feeling more like myself. and that i will be well in time. everything in time. that's the reason for time - so everything doesn't happen at once. AND i happen to know that the spell check is not working on blogger which is irritating if that's how you spell it and if not then it's annoying -- either way ... bleh to it !!

I want :: chocolate. so. so. so. bad. seriously. it's no joking matter.

I wish :: i had a boyfriend. ah, there's so much more to say on that, but i won't.

I will :: take my meds and head to bed now that the mj show is over. and put socks on cause i seriously can't feel my toes but naturally the rest of me is warm. oh the simple joys of being me.

I will not :: hurt myself tonight - or tomorrow. or say mean things about myself. ya that sounds like a good plan.

~words ~
good. calm. peace. in. complete. o k a y. solid. rocking. grateRful. air. gentle. dreams.
all in this moment.
**all is well and all is well and all that matters is well**

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