Friday, May 18, 2012

spoil me friday

well, dear readers, i survived yesterday. you might have noticed my post yesterday was serious with an underlying message of needing to be understood. yesterday was a bad - b a d - bad day. i cried. all day. and it was good in the sense that i released a lot of pent up emotions... but it was so bad.

after surviving - and i literally mean that - yesterday, i decided today was a day all about me. all about whatever i wanted and i could have anything , do anything , and the answer was yes!

i started off my day with a massage from my wonderful friend Windy. we talked. we connected. i felt the pain and loneliness and hopelessness of yesterday melt as my friend lovingly helped me release extra feelings stored in my body.

then i went and picked up my meds :) and got my oil changed -- and was firm in my decision to NOT get the transmission fluid changed (for only $119 sheesh!) and to keep my air filter just the way it was. as a bonus my car got washed and vacuumed. it's so clean.

after that i went to lunch with my sisters. and seriously they are incredible. they are prepared for any emergency. anything i needed they had.

next was my counseling session where i talked about my progress, my goals, my frustrations, my sadness, my happiness, and in the end, i remembered and recognized my progress. i am not a failure, no matter what my head may try to tell my heart. i am a success. i am me - and that is a success.

a trip to the hair salon was after that -- oops no i went to sonic :) -- then to get my hair done -- a PERM! it looks so great and i'm loving the curls.

home home jiggity jig where i showered and then had the pleasure of my dear friend, ashley's, company for the night. we watched a movie, ate pizza and ice cream, and talked. oh how i love her.

what a rejuvenating, refreshing, and rewarding day it has been.

everyone deserves a spoil me day. rachel's orders :)

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