Saturday, May 26, 2012


is such a serious word. i have been sick the past two days. and being so physically sick made me start thinking .. if i could've chosen, would i have picked physical or emotional pain? i don't know the answer. so it's probably best that god allowed me to have what i do.

part of my journey has been learning how creativity can stem from the darkest corner of my soul. some of my best writing has come from low times. and lately it has come from a clearer perspective. a hopeful acceptance of where i am.

but .. i am finding that when i'm physically sick , i'm not too creative. i'm tired. and sick. and those take up all the creative space in my brain.

so i'll keep it short today. maybe tomorrow will bring something brilliant. or even semi-brilliant. i'll take whatever i can get.

until then, a friend sent me this, and i L O V E D it.

if i could have a super power i would choose wind. then i could always keep the space around me easy - breezy and at a cool 70. and move people out of my space with a little wind gust = totally awesome. that. would. be. so. great.

what super power would you choose?

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