Friday, May 11, 2012

...beginning in the middle...

i was trying to think of a strategic way to start my blog ... something that seemed coherent, natural, correct even .. and then i decided that really sense nothing about my journey matches these descriptive words, i might as well start in the middle, with my thoughts on a phrase from a friend :: "don't walk fast, never walk fast."

as most things do, enlightenment on this phrase came to me in the shower. i finally got how this pertains to my life. i do not have to "walk fast" in my thoughts, actions, or words. i do not have to walk fast in my personality. i can be me. in fact, i was created by a loving god to be me.

there is such freedom and relief in realizing that i do not have to live up to unrealistic standards i once created for myself. i do not like the sun. i just don't. it's hot and makes me sticky. and guess what?! as i "don't walk fast" i realize that i don't have to like the sun or being outside or running or tanning. it's not me. and it doesn't have to be me.

i love being inside. i love cool and dark places. i humorously referred to myself this morning - as i was talking to me in my head of course - as a sort of bat//sloth : content in darkness, content in slowness. that is me. and as i "never walk fast" i accept that it doesn't ever have to be me.

i am allowed to have my likes and dislikes without explaining them to anyone. i am enough, just the way i am. i am worthy of all the good i have received in my life.

i am enough.


  1. Love that statement, "I am enough." I need that reminder sometimes. I really like that. I'll remember that one!

    1. Two years later I reply - you are enough - always and always. Love you girl! xo